$35 Million Sell Order CAUSED the Bitcoin Crash – ویکیپیڈیا اور Cryptocurrency خبریں

Hear the latest about what happened yesterday when Bitcoin fell as long as $6400 before recovering.

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  1. Hi GeorgeCan you please stop saying this ""Rounding error" comment, buying at 5k vs 10k, when Bitcoin gets to 100k is a 50,000 USD or 50% differenceon what planet is 50% and/or 50,000 USD difference a rounding error. If you lost 50k would you just chalk it down as a rounding error!!!… Agreed 5k to 100k and 10k to 100k are both good returns but they are not equal. Other than that George keep up the good work!!!.

  2. We REALLY REALLY REALLY need to work together as small investors to hurt these whale game players who manipulate the market. They need to bleedfinancially. We need to figure out something NOW and make these game players lose it all. And if they are playing games with the system, they need to be jailed for life.

    Get rid of these short/long scams too.
    On that note, is there any way to track this dipnut down? We all need to shun this creep.

  3. If you don’t spend it less chance it gets adopted

    But I don’t like the cards that convert it to fiat

    I would rather just use crypto and then the retailer can convert it and show earnings like cash app and more will adopt it

    A 10.00 btc purchase every now and then goes a long way for adoption.

  4. Stating that the price is going to go down doesn’t make you a troll. When you see obvious price manipulation after bad news about tether then retail investors fomo in and parabolic price rise it’s obvious price was bound to come down. I think it’s irresponsible to keep saying “Buy” no matter what the market is doing.




  6. Hey George, I have been following you daily for over a year now. Did you have any idea about (THR) Thore coin, I am not a shiller, I was shocked when I saw this coin was in the $30-40 range 2017-2018. Its come down down .30 -.40 in 2019 February and now has gone up to $1,100.00. Circulating Supply is only 88k. Do you feel buying into to this coin is high risk? Seems like an interesting project. Would like your thoughts on this please.

  7. One thing I don’t get. So..if crypto main goal is to replace fiat currency, why one should sell his BTC or TRX or whatever coin..for profits??!! Now we have companies like SPEND that Allows you to spend your cryptothis seems we are buying our own threat

  8. It's tough to have fomoed into the ATHs, DCAed and HODL thru a damn 1 year 90% Bear Dropthen make some dumb trades and SELL YOUR STRONG HAND ON THE BOTTOM. I have been resentful and mad since December 15 when I sold out of boredom one night, hours before the PUMP action.

    Im done feeling bad though. I bought the dip and took all the funds off the exchange and put it in Daedalus. That is where it will stay (where it should have stayed from the beginning because Im literally worth HALF of what I should have been if Id of just stayed TRUE to the HODL strategy and NOT TRADE).

    Do not be like me gents. You cant predict these gay markets. Im too emotional and they play off that. I should have listened to Vention when he said we are not traders. Buy and hold is best. JUST AN OPINION….

    Im gonna keep buying but from now, I think I will buy only Bitcoinmaybe some Nano and Nuls too.

  9. Im finally REALLY, for realz this time…. stopping jacking around. Bought the dip in a big way. Taking all my funds off the exchange and DCAing Bob Loukas styleno more trading or dicking around. Thats it.
    screw Bitcoin, Cardano for win!!! (Sorry had to toss that in). Thanks GEORGE

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