URGENT: Bitcoin Time Traveler Warning About the Future

Let’s take a look at the post the Bitcoin Time Traveler made 5 years ago. Are there lessons to be learned?

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Comment (34)

  1. He’s a real fortune teller! Thanks 🙏 broski from the future!

    Put your HODL seat belt on because we’re going to the 🚀

    moooooooooooooooooon 🌙

  2. I'm a Time traveler i come from the year 2869 there is peace on earth no wars & over a million flying cities all with there own laws & rules & we have much greater technologies than blockchain you have been warned

  3. I have serious doubts as to the possibility of time travel, especially the backwards kind, unless a new timeline is created each time, but dang, the prediction is eerily correct.

  4. Mmm financial advice from a time traveler.. "makes sense". Governments can always tax … Never think for a moment they cant tax bitcoin. It is what governments are best at.

  5. in theory, time travels would only be possible back to the point where the timemaschine was initially invented. So you think, we had such a device back in 2014? "Project looking glass" or wot?)) We'd soon find out ey .. haha

  6. Usually there is a dump right before the halvening……… be careful peeps. And re the time travelers predictions, just replace the word btc with fiat when he describes the breakdown of society and if that were going to happen it would have already happened by now. And I guess it has…… WAR!

  7. Is this Luka guy the guy referenced here?
    Not trying to be a smart guy here, but I read about this guy a while back and the crap he did was very unsettling. And look at the reference to the f-word used, it was a big thing to him back when he was a kid. And this guy brings that up in his posting on reddit, specifically. Not saying this is the same dude, but what do you think??
    Personally I don't care if the guy punches me in the head in the future if BTC prediction comes true, but it's weird.

  8. Btc will always remain at the top been the mother of all cryptocurrency but 1 million by 2021 boy oy boy takes me to dream land mr satoshi Nakamoto has created some thing sooo crazy another 5-10yrs some of us be having dinner on mars 🤣🤣🤪😜

  9. Slow news day, George? lol. This Bitcoin time traveler stuff is old hat and its been covered quite extensively. Maybe this time traveler is John Titor. +1 kudos if you know who that was.. haha


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