Will the Bitcoin Price reach $10'000 over the next couple days?

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  1. You're spreading good sound knowledge in the space Sunnycudos for that. Been slowly readjusting my portfolio to near 80% Bitcoin after watching your vids (and many others) and reading The Bitcoin Standardand just following the space for a year, buying a lot of altcoins in the beginnning. But the more I learn, the more I slowly realize that (at least for now) Bitcoin is the only one. .

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  3. How can you say that is good news? They get bitcoin and short it, you really think with your ass? What is the point if amazon accept bitcoin payments and for each payment will mean they will short it, it will drag down in price with every sell. Good news would be to close ecosystem, so you don't have to involve fiat in any circumstances. If amazon would sell every transactions into fiat for their orders, will lead bitcoin to under 1k at those volumes (if hypothetycally they accept only bitcoin as a payment).

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