What the Heck is Going On With Satoshi?

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  1. Asange went into the embassy to avoid being deported to Sweden, not the USA. He was saying the USA wanted him but they didn't go after him when Obama was president. The charges against him now are less serious than the ones he might of faced in Sweden, so the UK might send him there, if they want him.

  2. Samsung + Toshiba + Nokia + Motorola = Satoshi Nakamoto. I can't say for sure this was the inspiration for the name. If I wanted to find the the real identity / identities of Satoshi, I would dive deep into the people within these companies starting 10 years back. When you think about it, does it really matter the who behind the products we use? Example; Do you know the name / names of the person / people who designed the body style of the vehicle you drive? Thumbs up to anyone who says; Carrol Shelby.

  3. Hey, love your videos, but with this one I have to say you seem to be implying Assange is some kind of champion of anonymity, honesty, and freedom (if I'm wrong, disregard the following) but looking at the whole thing I have to say the opposite is true.

    The first batch release about the Afghanistan war was released uncut containing names of people who worked with the Americans (and allies) opening them and their families up to retaliation. With the second batch about Iraq, wiki leaks seemed to come around and worked with the press (and the US state department) to redact names and identifying information, but then Assange got in a pissing match with the Guardian and release the un-redacted version along with the third batch of documents which had information compromising the lives and liberty of people on a more worldwide basis.

    I am not sure the number of people who were affected by these revelations, but as you say about Craig Wright (about something with far less stakes) … shame on Julian Assange! There is a responsibility one has to the lives of others implicit in the function of society. Saying what the US or any country does IS important – this is formally the role of a free press, but with the decline of the press and the rise of the ability of individuals to have their voices heard, this role has begun a shift to people who don't have any oversight … and I'm not talking governments here, I'm thinking editor, etc. This leads to one individual being able to ruin/end peoples lives with a push of the post button, often without any possibility of repercussions to themselves.

    There was, of course, vital information that needed to be published within these documents, but while with the release of the Iraq war documents, Assange and wiki leaks showed that they COULD do the right thing … the subsequent release of the unredacted documents, showed that they just didn't care about doing the right thing.

  4. Thank you again. You have been a true blessing for crypto, the financial freedom movement and humanity. I am a grandfather and this gives me a lot of hope for my kids and grand-kids future . Whatever country has you as a citizen is truly blessed.

  5. Now I have to go find what you're saying on your Twitter? Ugh. I deleted Twitter 3 years ago. It's just a giant cess pool. But I'll go find your tweet or page and read it. 🙂 Lol

  6. The 1st, hardest step to getting another passport is where? We Americans are always told nowhere is as good as here. I personally know a world traveler that tells me this. Even if I decided somewhere else is just as good, I haven't had the luxury of constantly jet-setting everywhere like @CryptoTips has. So tell us please, where is the quiet, civilized, peaceful land to exit to when the world economy grinds to a stop?

  7. Wouldn’t he have to prove in court that he’s Satoshi to take legal action against ppl? If it’s slander or libel he goes after them for it’s not illegal unless he can prove the claims are untrue.

  8. Without a doubt, it’s Nick Szabo. They have already compared Satoshi and Nicks emails, posts, and sentence structure and said there is a .08% chance someone would have written in a similar fashion.


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