Why Binance Coin (BNB) Can Get To $1,000+ (Fundamentals Matter)

I think Binance Coin (BNB), has great fundamentals and tokenomics. I wanted to explain why I think it has potential to continue to do more of what it’s already done 🙂 Not financial advice.

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  1. Another comment is Binance controls the prices of a lot of Crypto and they have a lot of incentive to keep their coin going up. $30 will be a joke price someday. It will be like getting Ethereum for $30. I think BNB will be eventually about 1/10th price of Bitcoin. I also think it will be the shelter coin in bear markets. It already goes up more when BTC goes down. It will be like running to Apple Computer when the risky stocks are going down.

  2. Let's face it. It is only coin that is really worth money because it is backed by real company that makes a shit load of money. It is like owning Binance Stock. No other coin makes as much money as Binance.

  3. The only use case so far is to use on Binance exchange, other than that they are kinda artificially trying inflate the price by having less supply, its a bit Ponzi like.

  4. just got my eos hacked. someone took over my account. bp's won't freeze my account, so that token staking is just a function to lock up people's coins. i'm not at all impressed with them right now or that project. life, liberty and property….whatever. more high-minded b.s. that nobody followed up on. be careful out there. you don't want to be in this position. it truly sucks.

  5. I think BNB COULD get to 1000, but it's a security coin and i think as soon as bakkt and Nasdaq come on line it will dump big time. a lot less people will be using binance at that time. I know I'll be using my IRA to buy into crypto, which are taxed later, instead of my taxed funds. I also think eth will get a big move after upgraded and more will start using it again for ico

  6. Hi. I bougth some BNB at $8.5 and sold all of them at $12. Just did not see it at this price at the end of the bear market. In the next bull run will be a lot higher price for sure. Good video. Thanks

  7. The gravy train for Binance will end soon when governments crack down on exchanges. Thinking that everything will stay as it is is laughable. SEC can go after Binance since they don't have licenses in the U.S. but serve U.S. investors.

  8. Obviously, under any circumstance it's not a shit coin. It's affective, useful, which is better than 90% of all coins on the market. Anyone heard of Electroneum…ugh!

  9. when mainstream come they will be using large stablished insured exchanges and many centralized exchanges will falter and u will have large insured establishment and DEXS surviving

  10. I remember looking at BNB when it hit $10 thinking that it went up too much too fast, and that I should wait until it goes down before I buy any more, but it just NEVER fucking GOES DOWN, even during the hack it recovered so quickly from a relatively insignificant drop. Now every day i'm looking at it and let's just say the FOMO is real. I like BNB a lot but it seems hard for me to imagine that it will just continue pumping until it passes LTC, EOS, BCH, and XRP. I would feel like an idiot if I bought in at an ATH just before the inevitable correction that follows such unsustainable growth. However, I think an important factor you are missing is the potential for IEOs being a catalyst for the next bull run with BNB leading the way similar to how ETH saw it's success because of ICOs. BNB is honestly feeling like a top 4-5 coin for me, but I also have to remember that these markets are not rational.


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