XRP Game Changer, Bitcoin Manipulation, New Crypto Bank & Lighting All Time High

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Comment (49)

  1. Gigantimous. FTW! Maybe it wasn't a word … it sure is now! 🙂 As for the grammar, One Dollar, Ten Dollars. One Euro. Ten Euros. One Satoshi. Ten Satoshis. One Bitcoin. Ten Bitcoins. Despite the original tradition of Multiple Bitcoin, grammatically, adding the s is correct for the plural use, especially if it is in the context of Bitcoin as a CryptoCurrency.

  2. I've used SoFi. Took out a loan and bought bitcoin. Either the best or worst decision, so far.. so good. XD

    But for Bitcoin or Bitcoins, I feel like it's interchangeable. Like… How many bitcoins do you have? How much bitcoin do you have? Bitcoin could be a word that changes based on the other words used around it.

  3. just more dumping time for xrp. they will keep doing so till altcoin season, xrp is too much of a cashcow for ripple and used for other unrelated projects.

  4. Thank you TMI once again great video like always, these two low marketcap projects Credit made by Terra and Wavesbet will explode this year, because of their great features and high potentials

  5. People forget that there are only (realistically) 15-17 million Bitcoin that’ll ever be in existence. Best estimates are ~4-6 million are gone forever. There will be a point when manipulation isn’t necessary. You simply will not be able to find a Bitcoin available for sale; if you do, you’ll likely have to outbid at a premium for it.

  6. Did you know you could find out when the CME Futures expire and plan on trades or price based on that instead of reacting going OMG BTC CRASHED every month and blame some whale (that's actually exchanges doing normal squaring up) for the crash and be completely lost. There's only one reason people jump to the "the market is being manipulated" thought process, they don't understand markets or finance. This means that every move in price gets blamed on some random conspiracy theory. NONE of the things affecting BTC price is new, it's just a conspiracy to those ignorant of how things have worked since the creation of the stock market.

  7. Ripple won't announce anything until their SWELL conference, just like every year. Ripple actually has an annual conference where they make announcements. It's in November every year. Don't look for any official information until November just like it has been every year for the past couple of year. Everything else is nothing more than a leak or rumor.

  8. To make cryptos worth something, they have to be used as currency, and the traditional currency companies have to lose so much wealth that they cannot buy enough crypto to manipulate the market

  9. I hold BTC but let's be honest. The tech sucks, noone at the helm. The creator whom can be a freaking alien for all we know can dump the market if he chooses and sells. If BTC drops from the number 1 spot which it will one day it will be finished, it will have nothing else going for it.


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